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The resources below are meant for Branch Out Milwaukee partners and Milwaukee residents.  Use the tags below the image to get a preview of what the resource is good for.  Click the image to learn more about the resource, visit their respective web pages, or download their material (depending on the resource).

For more information about Trees in Milwaukee, visit the Trees page.

For longer articles about tree planting and selection, working with local groups, or how to find employment in the tree industry, visit the Articles page.

American Standard for Nursery Stock

A guide for inspecting plants when buying from a nursery.

Partner Resource, Tree Resource, Plant Health Care

Branch Out Milwaukee Master Plan

Read the master plan that outlines the Branch Out Milwaukee goals

Planning, Equity, Partner Resource, Data

Climate Safe Neighborhood Map

Groundwork Milwaukee's mapping project that combines data on public health, environmental hazards, and economic impacts.

Planning, Data, Equity, Partner Resource

Milwaukee Urban Forestry Fund

The City of Milwaukee's fund for community tree planting projects

Funding, Partner Resource

Milwaukee Urban Heat Island Map

A map of areas in Milwaukee that are greatest affected by the Urban Heat Island effect

Planning, Data, Equity

Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic

The University of Wisconsin's program to track and diagnose plant diseases

Plant Health Care, Tree Resource

Tree Talks With Our Tree Expert

Learn more about properly caring for your tree through a series of informational videos with our Branch Out MKE Coordinator, Caitlin Reinartz.

Tree Resource, Neighbor Resource, Plant Health Care

Trees of Milwaukee At
A Glance

A visual guide to some of the trees that can be planted in Milwaukee. This book is meant to help residents learn more about selecting trees and how to pick the right shape for the right space.

Tree Resource, Neighbor Resource, Partner Resource, Planning

UW Extension Learning Store

UW Extension's online collection of fact sheets, guides, and more on trees, landscaping, and gardening.

Plant Health Care, Tree Resource, Partner Resource, Neighbor Resource

Wisconsin Community Tree Map

A map of tree inventories across Wisconsin

Tree Resource, Data, Neighbor Resource

Wisconsin DNR Urban Forestry Grants

The Wisconsin DNR's page for all things Urban Forestry

Funding, Partner Resource

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