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Trees of Milwaukee At
A Glance

This book was created as part of the 2022 Sherman Park Urban Forestry Grant, funded by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. We created this look book to educate community members about the different kinds of trees that survive and thrive in our city.

You may know that trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe, but did you know that their leaves can also capture air pollution? Or that their roots absorb thousands of gallons of stormwater every year, reducing basement backups and flooding? And did you know that trees have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the people that live near them, both mentally and physically?  Planting trees benefits communities, and this book is meant to help residents determine what trees they may be interested in planting.

To list all of the trees that could be planted in Milwaukee and provide information on each of them would take dozens if not hundreds of pages more than what is in this book. This look book shows you some of the trees that you could plant in your yard or community spaces. If you have a tree that you’d like to plant that isn’t listed in this book, just make sure that it’s hardy for Zone 5 (our region) so that it can tolerate our winters.




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