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A Tree is on the Ground! What Next?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

If a tree falls in the city... there's probably someone that's going to hear it. What to do next depends on where the tree is located and what it's fallen on.

When a tree falls, it may look like it's resting on the ground. However, wood is flexible and can hold lots of tension. Getting close puts you at risk of a branch snapping back and injuring you- or worse. The first thing to do when a tree falls is to stay away.

If a tree falls on power lines, stay far away. Electricity can arc from downed lines even if you're not touching the tree or lines. Contact WE Energies at 800-242-9137 to report the downed tree.

If a street tree has fallen or has falling branches, keep your distance. Street trees are those in the space between the sidewalk and the road. To report damaged or dead street trees, contact City Forestry at 414-286-CITY (414-286-2489). Note: you cannot make service requests using the city's app- you must call in to the city to make a report.

If the tree that grows in your yard or a neighbor's yard has fallen on your home or property, stay away. Contact an arborist to come and begin the clean up work safely.


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